Working within a Covid secure environment

To ensure that we can continue to provide our clients with the high level of talent and entertainment they have come to expect from us, at this time we have put in place a ‘Working at Social Distancing’ policy and prepared Covid related guidelines which our staff and performers have agreed to follow at all times, so that you, our valued clients and agents, may continue to book with confidence, and run events, shoots and performances in a Covid secure way with good peace of mind.


Social distancing:

  • In line with the current Government guidelines, staff, performers and guests will maintain a 1m+ physical distance at all times.
  • To help everyone observe this, we ask that the performers would have access to a larger than usual dressing room.
  • To keep everyone safe, we also ask that the distance between guests and the performance area is 2m.


High hygiene standards:

  • Performers use their own equipment and when costumes and equipment are provided by us to the performers, our wardrobe department ensures that they are adequately cleaned and packed to minimise handling.
  • All performers carry hand sanitiser with them to use regularly.
  • Where possible, our performers will operate their own sound equipment, however if this is not possible we suggest your operating staff wear gloves and our performer in charge of the equipment will use wipes to sanitise any devices being handled regularly.



  • Where possible, performers travel by car to venues, but if this is not possible, they will wear face coverings on public transport and use hand sanitiser regularly.


General measures:

  • Our staff and performers will wear face coverings around the venue and agree to comply with temperature checks required on arrival at venues.


What if the performers show symptoms or are required to self-isolate in the week of the event?

  • We check in with our performers on the week of your event and will not send any performer to the venue if they are showing symptoms or are required to self-isolate.
  • Should this occur, we will arrange suitable replacement performers and let you know straight away but we will never compromise on talent.


Are the performers allowed to share the performance space with each other?

  • Yes! Our performers are in dance bubbles so we can keep track of who is performing together.
  • We ensure that all members of the dance bubble who come in contact with another performer who shows symptoms of Covid-19 or is required to self-isolate due to Track and Trace, will ALL comply with quarantine guidelines.



  • Since the guidelines on the number of people who are permitted to gather together continue to change, we understand that this may impact whether your event or shoot can go ahead as planned. Let us know as soon as possible if date changes occur, and we will ensure that the same talent can be provided to you on the new date.
  • When events or shoots cannot go ahead as planned, we encourage you to postpone your booking with us and we will hold your deposits or fees already paid. No additional fees will be charged unless there is a change to the talent or entertainment booked.


Cancellations and refunds:

  • Where possible, we are trying to avoid refunds and instead encourage you to hold the booking until the event can take place, whether that is in 2021, 2022 or beyond.
  • If there is no alternative but to cancel the booking, we understand that it is out of human control and we will provide a full refund.